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Do you keep a champagne bottle as a souvenir of a milestone birthday or a simple beer bottle because it was emptied at an unforgettable celebration? This old glass can now become a very special light object' with the TOP 2.0 bottle light from Sompex! Its silicone stopper with its conical shape fits into different bottle necks' so you can conjure up stylish lighting with a unique look in no time at all. Become your own designer, opt for upcycling in its best form! The dimmable TOP 2.0 runs on battery power and provides up to 40 hours of light both indoors and outdoors. The TOP 2.0 is available in different colours and comes in a pretty round packaging, as you usually only know from noble bottles' a perfect gift.

Three different light modes can be selected via the touch sensor in the plastic shade:

1. Colour temperature (selection):
In this mode, you can choose between the warm white colour temperatures 2700K and 3000 K.

2. Coloured light (selection):
In this mode, you choose your colour tone from 12 light colours. The following RGB colours are available for selection: Red, Red-Magenta, Magenta, Blue-Magenta, Blue, Cyan-Blue, Cyan, Cyan-Green, Green-Yellow, Yellow, Orange

3. Coloured light (7-minute automatic):
In this mode, all 12 RGB colours are played automatically in a 7-minute colour change. The colour change is stepless and offers a pleasant and at the same time varied ambience due to the smooth transitions (approx. 30 seconds).

In mode 1. & 2. the brightness of the bottle light can be regulated via the touch sensor.

With memory function:
The colour mode and brightness of the TOP 2.0 bottle light are saved. This way, you can comfortably start with the TOP 2.0 with your desired settings.

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